Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC
Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Through mutually beneficial partnerships, Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC helps municipalities, businesses and institutions, as well as private land owners, to develop megawatt (MW) scale solar energy facilities without any capital costs to our partners. Thanks to federal and state incentives and significant technology cost reductions, solar energy not only makes environmental sense, but also economic sense. Solar achieves several benefits for our partners:

  • Provides clean on-site energy with no capital costs and no ownership or maintenance burdens for our host site landowners
  • Takes advantage of federal and state renewable incentives to make solar cost-competitive
  • Generates predictable and stable long-term energy costs and savings over 25-30 years
  • Reduces reliance on volatile fossil fuel markets
  • Converts underutilized spaces (rooftops, parking areas, unused land, brownfields, etc.) into a productive source of energy
  • Makes a progressive, modern statement of sustainability
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