Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC

Siting a Solar Facility

Our fundamental mission is to create solar partnerships that are based on mutual trust, openness, and providing energy savings for our host site partners. The following are some of the basic host site needs in order to successfully locate and construct a solar facility:

The Basics: To maximize energy yield, the site must be relatively flat (i.e., preferably less than a 5% grade), predominantly south-facing, not be shaded by trees, buildings or other obstructions, and be located close to the electric grid.

Size: A 2MW system for example requires roughly eight acres (actual size depends on shading and grading at the specific location).

Security: Enclosed perimeter fence and other appropriate security measures are required.

Host Site Transaction: Depending on the host landowner’s needs and plans, REM and its partners would either lease the host site for a term of 25+ years (consistent with the typical lifespan of a solar facility) or purchase the land outright. In the case of a lease transaction, the landowner would not be exposed to an increase in their property tax bill.