Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC

Host Site Needs

A well considered solar power facility, sited appropriately, can peacefully co-exist within the surrounding environment and local community for several decades.  There are several critical requirements for siting a PV solar energy facility:

The Basics: To maximize energy yield, the site must be relatively flat (i.e., less than a 5% grade), predominantly south-facing, be un-shaded by trees, buildings or other obstructions, and be located close to the electric grid

Size: A 2MW system requires 12-14 acres of surface space (actual size depends on shading and grading at the specific location)

Fencing and other appropriate security measures are needed

Host Site Transaction:
Depending on the host land owner’s needs and plans, REM would either lease the host site for a term of at least 25 years (consistent with the duration of the solar power purchase agreement) or purchase the land outright.